Respite (Short term accommodation)


Our Respite (Short-term Accommodation) services are designed to provide temporary relief and support to individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. We understand that caring for a loved one with special needs can be both rewarding and demanding, which is why we offer respite services to ensure that caregivers can take a well-deserved break while their loved ones receive exceptional care in a safe and welcoming environment. Our respite programs are fully customizable to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Whether you need respite for a few hours, overnight stays, or extended periods, our team of trained and compassionate professionals is here to step in and provide the care and attention required.

During your loved one’s stay in our respite program, they will have access to a wide range of enriching activities and personalized care. Our skilled caregivers are not only trained to provide essential assistance with daily living activities but also to engage clients in meaningful and enjoyable experiences. From recreational activities to outings in the community, we ensure that their time with us is fulfilling and enjoyable. Our respite services are not just a break for caregivers but also an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to socialize, build new friendships, and participate in activities that promote their independence and well-being. At our disability service provider, we are committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment that allows both caregivers and individuals with disabilities to recharge, knowing their loved ones are in capable hands.

Meet the Team

“Yourkids have been so helpful and accommodating for our family.  The staff are well-trained and our Service Coordinator has gone out of her way to understand our daughter’s unique needs and tailor the support accordingly.  It’s given us the confidence and assurance the family needs.” 

John (Guardian)



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