Understanding the NDIS Process

We are mindful that every participant has unique types of disabilities and needs, that is why we tailor our services around the individualised needs of the individuals and their families. As an NDIS registered provider, we are approved to provide the following support services.

Stage 1 – Think about your needs and goals

For many people this first stage may appear to be the simplest but can be the trickiest. This is why we have devoted time working on your expectations, thoughts, goals and objectives with you.
As a person living with a disability it is a possibility that your life has sometimes felt out of your control, with other people making choices for you.

Stage 2 – Meet with your personal planner

You will be contacted by a National Disability Insurance Agency representative to arrange a time and place to have a conversation about your life. Many planning conversations happen over the phone. If you prefer, you have the right to request a face-to-face planning meeting.
Your first meeting with your planner will be about getting to know you better and to understand your goals and aspirations.

Stage 3 – Review your plan and organise your supports

After your planning conversation the National Disability Insurance Agency will use the information that has been collected to develop your NDIS plan.

Stage 4 – Putting your plan into action

When your plan has been approved it is time to start to put it into action. Within seven days of your plan being finalised you will be contracted by a National Disability Insurance Agency representative to discuss how to put your plan into action. If the National Disability Insurance Agency does not contact, you then you can contact them.

Stage 5 – Review your plan

Your NDIS plan will be reviewed with a National Disability Insurance Agency representative at least every twelve months. If you become mentally unwell and need to go to hospital you can let the National Disability Insurance Agency know as there might be more they can do to support you.

At your review you will discuss:

  • what has worked well
  • what you have achieved
  • what goals are not yet complete
  • how your life has changed during the 12 months

Yourkids provides tailored services in line with your personalised NDIS plan. If you are having difficulties or unsure how to obtain NDIS plan, please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to provide guidance and support on engaging/navigating with the NDIS. 




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